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By multi-platinum hip-hop artist, Rich the Kid, RICH KIDS is a collection of 7,389 cartoon-styled, blockchain baby bad asses, that Plug Walks the trust fund lifestyle to the hood!

Each RICH KID NFT sports a randomized collection of the dopest drip, the coldest ice, and an assortment of hood essentials - ranging from kicks, to fresh fades, whips, dracos and more!
RICH KIDS NFT holders, collectively known as “Trust Fund Babies”, will participate in one of a kind utility - which includes participation in our community Trust Fund, a DAO that awards community-selected perks to qualified collectors, ranging from free NFTs, to free crypto, to one of a kind experiences, luxury goods, and even a producer credit on a forthcoming track!


1 - Mint Day

RICH KIDS NFT’s will be made available for purchase on the platform, at a cost of 0.09 ETH per item, on Sunday September 26th, 2021 @ 9pmEST.


Once 5,000 ETH in Secondary Sales occur, we will award one lucky NFT holder a brand new Maserati Ghibli.


Got questions? We got answers!

What are RICH KIDS?

RICH KIDS is a collection of 7389 unique, randomly generated RICH KIDS roaming on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs.

How will it be launched?

Join our Discord or follow us on Twitter for updates. All RICH KIDS purchases will be made at

How much does each RICH KIDS cost?

Each RICH KIDS will be minted at 0.09ETH on minting day!

What are RICH KIDS made of?

RICH KIDS are programmatically generated based on many different assets: Hair, Skin, Accessories and Background.

What is the smart contract address for RICH KIDS?

This will be launched on Discord and Twitter on the 26th!

Can I buy on mobile / use metamask?

Yes! You will be able to mint RICH KIDS directly on

How many RICH KIDS are reserved for giveaways?

We reserved 200 RICH KIDS! They will be given to the winners of giveaways, competitions and sometimes airdropped to active owners.